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Built on Strange Ground

Built on Strange Ground


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Built on Strange Ground by Sarah Benkin (Editor), Kevin Christensen, Tim Liljefors, Juliette G.M.M. Lopez, Joule Han, Karina Rehrbehn, Isabella Rotman, Laura Guglielmo, Ben Fleuter, Peter Conrad, Gaby Epstein, Dirk Manning (Goodreads Author), Sally Scott, Allie Hotchkiss, Wesley Sun, Simone Angelini (Goodreads Author), Virus Visal, Elaine M. Will (Goodreads Author), Gabriel Peralta, Luc Labelle, Daryl Toh, Dante Luiz (Goodreads Author), H. Pueyo (Goodreads Author), Cameron Lucente, Sarah Dill, Shannon Kao, Ryan King (Goodreads Author), Nathan Anderson, Daniel Santos (Goodreads Author), Lee Milewski, Rachel Sandoffsky, Mirana Reveier, Cailey Tervo, FranChang, Anna Vie, Wendy Wolfe, Nathaniel Wilson, Madeleine Karutz, Sarah Magelky

The world is huge, and strange, and mysterious. And in the end, all we have is our stories.

Built On Strange Ground collects true, personal experiences of strange places, haunted sites, mysterious neighbors and local lore from a variety of talented and diverse artists.

All the stories in Built On Strange Ground are real, from the experiences of an immigrant couple who found their new house was inhabited by the dead, to the memories of a reclusive neighbor who hides a secret among her pet dogs, to a startling investigation into the hiding place of one of America's most infamous serial killers. There are more than 200 pages of stories to be found here, and they cover a great range of experiences, walks of life, and private, quiet explorations into how we as human beings deal with the inexplicable.
If you're a fan of the paranormal and the unexplained, interested in personal stories or fascinated with local legends and lore, this book will get under your skin in the best of all possible ways.

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