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Chet's Pick of the Week

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

Chet here again,
with my pick of the week for Packrat Comics. This week I'm picking up the newest EC title, "Tales from the Crypt" (Volume 3) #2!! Featuring an excellently spooky line up of stories by artists Jolylon Yates, Miran Kim and the late great Bernie Wrightson!! The Wrightson stories appear in color, whereas previously (in fact, 40 years ago,) they had been in black and white!! The issue also features a memorial page for the late Jack Davis, written by yours truly!! Best new story of the issue, "Picture Perfect" (also the cover story) is up to standards, the other best story in the issue, is "Feed It!" by Bernie Wrightson. This issue is worth a buy, and I give it 2 Claws, er, thumbs up!!!

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