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Celebrating 20 years of Free Comic Book Day August 14 with local heroes

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) will be on August 14, 2021 and marks the 20th anniversary of celebrating comics and pop culture.  While the focus has been the heroes in the pages of our favorite comics, this year we want to remember the real heroes that live and work in our neighborhood - our police force, firefighters and EMT's.  

Come celebrate our local heroes during our Touch-A-Truck and make sure you thank them for all they do for our community! In addition to the art auction to raise funds for the Nationwide Children's Hospital Burn Unit, we will be collecting donations for the Burn Unit. Please note the entire event is from 10-7pm but the Touch-A-Truck is 11-2pm.

For Free Comic Book Day we are working with our local firefighters to help raise funds and awareness for the Nationwide Children's Hospital Burn Center and we heard you want to help. We have our auction items here you can bid on or you can make a monetary donation via this page. Donate as little or as much as you like. Whatever amount is donated will be sent to Children's. And with your help, we can donate more. This link lets you customize your donation to any dollar amount. Simply increase the quantity and you're set. Thank you, you kind wonderful soul.


There's 50 different Free Comic Books this year so come join the fun and find your favorites! No limit, but we are accepting donations for Nationwide Children's Hospital Burn Unit.


Source Point Press - Returning to Packrat is the one and only Source Point Press -  the company that was smart enough to publish 'Hope' by Dirk Manning, brings you oddles of other adventures including 'Samurai Grandpa', 'Twiztid Haunted Highs', 'Savants', and 'Viking Queen'. Representatives will be here to fill all your twisted needs!

Cutthroat Comics - Representing Cutthroat Comics will be owner, author, and letterer Josh Nealis. Since it's inception in 2015, Josh has written and published 13 plus books and comics under the Cutthroat Comics brand. Cutthroat Comics is based out of Findlay, Ohio and brings an offbeat attitude to the industry. Nothing is off limits and everything is fair game.

Comic Creators:

Dirk Manning - "Tales of Mr. Rhee" & "Nightmare World" creator & writer, Dirk Manning's haunting tales have been whispered through the halls of Image Comics, Devil's Due, Caliber Press, Aspen and Big Dog Ink. His latest collaboration with Tony Schiavone  BUTTS IN SEATS: THE TONY SCHIAVONE STORY releases soon and he may still have a few of the limited edition AEW live event ashcans available along with a few other vaulted items. Come get a copy and meet the legend!

Matthew Spurlock - Although his original career goals both included constructing a lightsaber and joining the rebellion against the Empire, Matthew Spurlock turned down adventure and decided to go to art school. Since earning his BFA at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Matthew made a career as a freelance illustrator and spends his time creating alternative movie posters. His posters have attracted the ire of clients such as Taco Bell, commissioning him to create a series of posters for their pop-up attraction at San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate the anniversary of the film, “Demolition Man,” starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. Matthew has worked with clients in a variety of industries such as local horror effects house, The Scare Factory, where he designed their current lineup of carnival-themed horror attractions. During the pandemic of 2020, when many local businesses were struggling to hold onto their patronage in order to stay afloat, Matthew instead was met with a flourish of clientele who were all eager to escape their sofas and bring their projects to life. After a long year, he now sets his sights upon the world of tabletop gaming, aspiring to get his foot into the door of Magic the Gathering.


Squared Circle Cosplay - Squared Circle Cosplay a group of Ohio based wrestling cosplayers who band together to cosplay some of their favorite wrestlers and hopefully some of yours too! Get ready to get your picture with them and replica championship belts.

Central Ohio Ghostbusters - Professional Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations! With an Ecto 1 and Stay Puft, who you gonna call?



Entries have been submitted for our Nationwide Children's Hospital Burn unit fundraiser. Now it's up to you to vote on the winner. Head over to our Facebook page to vote for your favorite. You are welcome to vote for as many as you like and encourage you to share your favorites with friends and family to vote as well.

These covers will be available to purchase/bid on during Free Comic Book Day. Click here for the auctions.

Here are the kids entries


Here are the adult entries


These covers will be sold to raise money for the Nationwide Children's Hospital Burn Victims unit. Check out the online actions on our website for your chance to bid on one of these amazing comics. Click here for the auctions.

Prizes/Age Group

Ages 15 and up: 1st place - $100 Packrat Gift Card; 2nd place $50 Packrat gift card

Ages 14 and under: 1st place - $50 Packrat Gift Card; 2nd place $25 Packrat gift card


HOT MESS FOOD TRUCK - nominated for best food truck for 614 Magazine’s ColumBest Best Food Truck!



Our neighbors at ZIEGENBIKE will be pulling out their obstacle course for kids 12 and under to test their  balance, endurance and most of all fun. Bikes are provided and the cost is free!



Free Comic Book Day Costume Contest starts at 1pm and prizes to be awarded to kids 13 & under and adults 14 & up.  Packrat gift cards for first, second, and third place.  Our very talented cosplayer, Aubrey, will be judging the fun!

As always, I'm sure there will be more added so keep checking back for updates.  See you Saturday August 14!

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