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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions at Packrat

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions at Packrat

First off, we want you to remain calm, stay healthy and enjoy this short time we get to spend on this earth.  Life is beautiful and crazy and chaotic and wonderful. We are fortunate we get to do something that brings so much joy to many people's lives. Don't let any of this pandemic get you down, just be a little more cautious. You know the drill. 

Now for the FAQ.

Are you open?

Yes. We are open our normal business hours.  11am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 12-5pm on Sunday.

I'm nervous about the crowd.  Can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment to pick up your online order or subscription. Simply text (614) 664-7691 to make an appointment outside our normal hours. If you want to shop in store we will extend an opportunity 20 minutes before open or after the close of each day. Again, text to make that appointment.

What is curbside service?

Our curbside service, currently available in our Hilliard location, is simply offering you an opportunity to pick up any orders that you make over the phone, online, via email or text. If you place an order for in store pick up, park your car by the 3860 door and text (614) 664-7691 upon your arrival, let us know who you are and we'll bring the order to you. No need to get out. If you're a pull customer and you've submitted the credit card authorization form, you can text us before you leave your home and we will send you a list of what you have. If there's anything you want to add we can add it and bill you. If you did not put a card on file, you are able to pay cash or credit at the time of pick up. Text us upon arrival (614) 664-7691 and again, we'll bring it to your door. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (614) 527-8450. 

Can I place an order online?

Yes.  We have been adding inventory for several years with all the new releases and back issues.  We have begun dedicating more time to increase comics and graphic novels every day. With COVID-19 we plan on adding games and toys to the website as well. If there's anything you're looking for just drop us a line and we can add it to the website if it's in store. You can have it shipped, delivered, or held for in store pick up (in store pick up is available at both the Hilliard and Marysville locations).

Do you deliver comics?

We are willing to deliver comics to your door within a reasonable radius.  You can call or email us to make those arrangements. This will be  a FREE delivery service during the pandemic.

Will you ship my subscription?

We will gladly mail your comics as long as you have a credit card on file or a valid paypal email account.

Do I need to put a credit card on file?

If you are willing to have a card on file during this time, we encourage you to drop the form off at the comic shop or fill one out in person.  We are hoping to get everyone to keep their weekly/bi-weekly/monthly visits for as long as possible. As we mentioned before, we pay for all the new releases on a weekly basis and have enough reserves to cover for a short term. We are not a multinational billion dollar organization.  We will do our best to check in regularly with everyone to make sure you want to continue your subscription, make changes or suspend should your needs change.  We will be modifying our orders on a weekly basis as needed.  We are hoping the publishers slow the pace of comics released weekly to help with the current mandated shutdowns around the country.  While it hasn't impacted Packrat yet, we are just trying to be prepared.  We have added the current curbside pick up and delivery option and are at worst case scenario (government mandated shutdown) gathering billing information (either credit card or valid paypal email). This will help cash flow should we have a mandated shut down and the publishers have not stopped or slowed shipping. Again, if you are willing to have a card on file during this time, we encourage you to drop the form off at the comic shop or fill one out in person.

I don't have a subscription. How do I get comics?

We haven begun scaling back our risk and will continue to do so over the next several weeks. The first week that will be impacted will be April 8.  If you do not have a subscription we can not guarantee there will be much available since we do not know what the governor plans to do with non essential businesses.  Join a subscription now to guarantee your comics.

What happens if the governor shuts down non essential businesses?

This is the worst case scenario situation we are preparing for. We will keep communication lines open and let you know what we plan on doing next. At the very least, we plan on continuing working in the store adding inventory to the website, cleaning, etc and our doors will still be unlocked.   If the publishers continue to release new product we have a few options, 1. putting all our orders on hold until the shut down is over. 2. continue receiving comics and billing the subscribers on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly plan based on each individuals needs and utilizing the curbside pick up.

How are you guys doing in all this?

We're doing good.  Taking our vitamins, still looking for toilet paper. Thinking about doing dishes and laundry.  We'll be working a few more hours than normal but have almost completely rewatched Vikings - a Game of Thrones Norse mythology series you can stream on Hulu. 

If you have any other questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to us.

We want to thank you for your continued support and truly appreciate each and every one of you. Take care of yourself and look out for those who may be in need. We can get through this. Besides, we've already completed week 1-ish. Be blessed my friend.

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