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Free Comic Book Day 2019

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)  is an annual celebration of comics and pop culture at Packrat Comics is May 4, 2019. There's 50 different Free Comic Books this year so come join the fun and find your favorites!

Come meet the writer of 'Hope' one of the official Free Comic Book Day comics, Dirk Manning.

In honor of Star Wars Day coinciding with FCBD, get your picture taken as a Star Wars action figure with our life size Star Wars Action Figure Card,  win a Force FX Star Wars Lightsaber and some other cool stuff and don't forget to pick up the free Star Wars comic. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ON WINNING A FORCE FX LIGHTSABER.

STAR WARS DAY with your chance to win a FORCE FX LIGHTSABER. There are two ways to win, one online and the other with a purchase

1.  Make a purchase during FCBD over $10 and receive an envelope. Get the right kyber crystal to win Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. Other prizes listed below.

 2.  Enter your email address here between now and May 4 @7pm for a random chance to win Kylo Ren's lightsaber.  (We can ship out of town, but you'll need to pay for shipping)

 There's a 1 in 5 chance of winning something and below is a list of other prizes:

     - Star Wars Lanyards

     - Star Wars Movie Posters

     - Star Wars Party Sabers

     - $5 Packrat gift cards

     - Prize from each of the vendors during FCBD

Comic Creators:

Dirk Manning - "Tales of Mr. Rhee" & "Nightmare World" creator & writer, Dirk Manning's haunting tales have been whispered through the halls of Image Comics, Devil's Due, Caliber Press, Aspen and Big Dog Ink. He is the writer of the 2019 Free Comic Book Day 'HOPE'. Come get a copy and meet the legend!

Tom Williams - Harvey Award nominee and CCAD graduate, Tom Williams art can be found on publishers like IDW, Dark Horse, Oni & Image Comics and of course Packrat on FCBD!


Molly Durst - Molly Durst has a mild alter ego as a graphic/web designer but by night she becomes a friendly neighborhood comic creator! Her latest work is Zodiac: Reimagined - a collection of images inspired by astrology myths.


JM Hunter - J.M. Hunter us a recent transplant to the Columbus area butca lifelong artist and comics creator. His current focus is heading the YACA(Young Adult Creators Alliance), initiative.

Matthew Spurlock- New guy, Matthew Spurlock is a freelance artist that I don't have a bio yet, but am working on it. Come back again soon to see what we get!

Ren McKinzie - Ren McKinzie is an art dedicated soul with many disciplines. A wild child for certain, Ren honed his work ethic in the US ARMY and his artistic skills at CCAD. Ren's many years in the arts field have culminated in the freelance artist he is today. 


Uko Smith:  Uko Smith, a Washington, D.C. native now living in Columbus, Oh graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a degree in illustration/design and a minor in fashion. Uko is becoming known for his unique style for the erotic pinup and his sensual style of work. Collectors and admirers of his work have come to notice his distinctive use of linework and stylized realization. Always looking to make his work distinguished from others in the field, he blends his style of design and illustration into a very unique package that definitely separates it from others.


Bobby Hardy:  Member of FTCR’s “Sonic Sez” podcast and fan of all things Nintendo, SEGA & Disney, Bobby draws inspiration from his fandoms. Pick up a print or three from this amazing young talent.

Crafters & Vendors:

Paints & Peoples - A crafty mom who loves pop culture and making fun things.....My "Peoples" can be used for cake toppers, game pieces, desk tchotchkes (who doesn't want to proudly display the Thundercats or cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on their desk at work?). 

Sweets by Aud - Macarons, macarons, and more macarons.
Joshua Alan Snyder Hill - The wonderful world of Mr. Seams with his customized patches and neck ties, hand towels and hoodies, geek gear has never be sew spool!


Wiccy's Creations - Wiccy has her way with fabric! Get a custom dice bags, cinch bag or pillow case from this amazing stitcher! 


Narty by Nature:  Narty by Nature wants you to turn any magnetic surface to scenes from your favorite show or movie. Completely customizable magnetic characters inspired by pop culture allow you to recreate iconic scenes anywhere from your fridge at home to your filing cabinet at work. Or, turn then into a piece of art for your wall by using one of our framed metallic shadow boxes, complete with customizable backgrounds!

Before they open their official Hilliard location, grab a famous meatball from The Meatball Mafia food truck!

Bounce House
Costume Contest for Kids
Costume Contest for Adults
Games & More!

And don't forget about the FREE COMICS!

FREE COMICS? Yes, free comics on Saturday, May 4. Each person may select up to 5 free comics from the selection of FCBD comics we purchased from the publishers. You will then be able to 'purchase' additional comics by donating non-perishable food items to our food drive. Thank you as always for your continued generosity!

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