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Free Comic Book Day Food Drive COVID19 UPDATE

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We will be offering a curb side Free Comic Book Day bag of comics on Saturday, May 2 from 10am-2pm. Simply drive up to the curb and we will hand you a bag of comics, no strings attached. We will simultaneously be collecting non-perishable food items for the local food banks. So if you've got a few extra items you can spare, just hand them over to us and we'll make sure they get where they need to go.

While the selection won't be the all the original comics offered, we have thousands of past event comics to distribute. We to continue practice all the safety precautions that continue to keep us as safe as possible - social distancing, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. We will not be planning extra activities, we just want to continue the first Saturday in May tradition with the official event to follow.


Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)  is an annual celebration of comics and pop culture at Packrat Comics is TBD. There's 50 different Free Comic Books this year so come join the fun and find your favorites!

Comic Creators & Publishers:


Source Point, the company that was smart enough to publish 'Hope' by Dirk Manning, brings you oddles of other adventures including 'Samurai Grandpa', 'Twiztid Haunted Highs', 'Savants', and 'Viking Queen' during FCBD. Representatives will be here to fill all your twisted needs!

Cuttthroat Comics Representing Cutthroat Comics will be Owner, author, and letterer Josh Nealis. Since it's inception in 2015, Josh has written and published 13 plus books and comics under the Cutthroat Comics brand. Cutthroat Comics is based out of Findlay, Ohio and brings an offbeat attitude to the industry. Nothing is off limits and everything is fair game.

Dirk Manning - "Tales of Mr. Rhee" & "Nightmare World" creator & writer, Dirk Manning's haunting tales have been whispered through the halls of Image Comics, Devil's Due, Caliber Press, Aspen and Big Dog Ink. He is the writer of the 2019 Free Comic Book Day 'HOPE'. Come get a copy and meet the legend!

Isabella Christiana is a debut author from Ohio. She has always had a passion for writing stories that capture the reader's attention. Isabella hopes to be a more involved writer and plans on reaching a wide audience with different types of writing. She wants to make a difference with her writing and wants to connect her writings to issues seen today. Isabella is already continuing with many projects and this will more certainly not be the last time you will see her name."
Tom Williams - Harvey Award nominee and CCAD graduate, Tom Williams art can be found on publishers like IDW, Dark Horse, Oni & Image Comics and of course Packrat on FCBD!

Molly Durst - Molly Durst has a mild alter ego as a graphic/web designer but by night she becomes a friendly neighborhood comic creator! Her latest work is Zodiac: Reimagined - a collection of images inspired by astrology myths.

Ren McKinzie - Ren McKinzie is an art dedicated soul with many disciplines. A wild child for certain, Ren honed his work ethic in the US ARMY and his artistic skills at CCAD. Ren's many years in the arts field have culminated in the freelance artist he is today. 

 Laura Pendl - Laura Pendl is the comics artist for Devils Due new all ages comic "Boogily Heads". Laura has a strong obsession for the creepy, cute, and cartooney and it shows in her art.

Mike Eshelman - Mike’s love of indie comics started in the 80s, when he worked at Wizard of Comics in Columbus OH, and spent most of his day reading everything on the shelves.  Today, he pens tales of weirdness. His first standalone horror title, “Camping”, a story about the boundaries of friendship pushed by the ultimate test, won the inaugural “Frightee Award” for best written fiction, followed by “Euphorium”, the first of a comic experiment in non-collaboration.  His horror title “ProLife” was nominated for “Best One Shot” and “Best Writer” for the 2015 Ghastly Award (the only self-published work to make it to the finals). His most recent title in collaboration with Truck Stop Comix, “God Complex”, experiments with the fourth wall and integrating the reader as an antagonist. He also writes and draws mini comics; including the “6th St. Saloon” series, a collection of all his dumb moves from his barfly days. 


Crafters & Vendors:

Paints & Peoples - A crafty mom who loves pop culture and making fun things.....My "Peoples" can be used for cake toppers, game pieces, desk tchotchkes (who doesn't want to proudly display the Thundercats or cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on their desk at work?). 

Sweets by Aud - Macarons, macarons, and more macarons.

Joshua Alan Snyder Hill - The wonderful world of Mr. Seams with his customized patches and neck ties, hand towels and hoodies, geek gear has never be sew spool!
Wiccy's Creations - Wiccy has her way with fabric! Get a custom dice bags, cinch bag or pillow case from this amazing stitcher! 

 Lunar Wonderland - Fantasy, steam punk, and cosplay accessories by local artisan, Staycie J Griffin. 

Squared Circle Cosplay is a group of Ohio based wrestling cosplayers who band together to cosplay wrestlers from WWE, WCW, ECW, NJPW, AEW, TNA/Impact, ROH, AAA, CMLL and more at conventions, community events and charity functions. Come body slam one of these cosplayers to take the belt! Okay, don't body slam them, maybe just hit them with some sweet chin music. Okay, don't do that either. Just visit them at suplex city.

Narty by Nature:  Narty by Nature wants you to turn any magnetic surface to scenes from your favorite show or movie. Completely customizable magnetic characters inspired by pop culture allow you to recreate iconic scenes anywhere from your fridge at home to your filing cabinet at work. Or, turn then into a piece of art for your wall by using one of our framed metallic shadow boxes, complete with customizable backgrounds!

Returning to Hilliard, it's the one, the only Mikey's Late Night Slice and their fabulous assortment of saucy sauces! Grab a famous slice or get an entire pie for the whole family!

Bounce House
Costume Contest for Kids
Costume Contest for Adults
Games & More!

And don't forget about the FREE COMICS!

FREE COMICS? Yes, free comics on Saturday, May 4. Each person may select up to 5 free comics from the selection of FCBD comics we purchased from the publishers. You will then be able to 'purchase' additional comics by donating non-perishable food items to our food drive. Thank you as always for your continued generosity!

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