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2017 Free Comic Book Day Creators

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

The official list of creators joining Packrat for our 2017 Free Comic Book Day Celebration!


Tom Williams - Harvey Award recipient and CCAD graduate, Tom Williams art can be found on publishers like IDW, Dark Horse, Oni & Image Comics and of course Packrat on FCBD!


Dirk Manning - "Tales of Mr. Rhee" & "Nightmare World" creator & writer, Dirk Manning's haunting tales have been whispered through the halls of Image Comics, Devil's Due, Caliber Press, Aspen and Big Dog Ink.


Basement Fodder - Every hero has his sanctuary, villain his lair, and podcaster his asylum. Dave and Todd will emerge from their Basement of Doom to discuss all things comics, movies, wrestling, life and conventions.  


Seth Lyons - The streets find its own use for things and Seth Lyons turns it all into classic steampunk art.  


Erik McAlister - Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting in Erik McAlister's creation, "Leash Baby Kung Fu", even mommy and her ultimate fighting champion baby on a leash!


Travis Perkins - Travis is an up-and-coming comic artist from central Ohio. A professional flatsmen, he's worked on books including "Transformers: More Then Meets The Eyes" and the Harvey Award nominated "Rainbow In The Dark."


The Tasty Good - CHICKEN, MACARONI & CHEESE! 'Nuff said.


Molly Durst - Clever as the devil and twice as pretty, the "Symphony of the Universe" shaped by Molly Durst will take you on a journey through the cosmos.


Joshua Alan Snyder Hill - The wonderful world of Mr. Seams with his customized patches and neck ties, hand towels and hoodies, geek gear has never be sew spool!


Scott McMahon - Awe Yeah Comics! artist and creator of "Sami the Samurai Squirrel", Scott McMahon, who we're secretly hoping is related to the one and only Vince McMahon, brings his sword wielding, action adventure critters to the FCBD party.


Art Explorer Post - Their mission, if you choose to accept is to educate members about various professional careers in the visual arts and have fun doing it every Saturday in the multipurpose room of Packrat Comics.  


Aaron Birch - Aaron brings us a fresh batch of mangos straight from the hills of Japan, with a detour via Dublin in his new manga "Lunch Tiiime". Get this contraband before Bobby discovers he's here.


Heather Breckel - A graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design and currently work as a freelance colorist. Heather's latest projects have been My Little Pony and Godzilla Half Century War for IDW, Peter Panzerfaust for Image, and Number 13 for Dark Horse.


Rashid Hill - And in this corner, MMA (mixed media artist), Walking Dead & Game of Thrones licensed artist, Rashid Hill, he has the unique capability to design multi-verse walkers.  


Michael Watson - Creating Komics that you can experience adventure, excitement, and life. A diverse roster of talent and characters proving every day that anyone can be epic no matter size, shape and colors of one's skin.

Essence Cartoon - Local animation studio that specializes in the creation of compelling 2D animated stories that effectively engage, explain and express your brand's story. Essence Cartoon will be bringing your cosplay to life during FCBD!


Logan Carrol - Illustrator, Comic Artist and Designer from Chillicothe, Ohio, his artwork has been used for various books, comics, games, prints and apparel. Logan is currently working on his ongoing comic series “Oceans” as well as several other projects to be released in the coming months.

Kendall Halman - This fine gent has been hosting podcasts about all sorts of nerdy topics for the past five years. His current projects include a Beast Wars podcast called "War and Beast," a Ninja Turtles podcast called "Technodrome Tales," and a Star Wars video game podcast called "The Katarn Collection."

Paints & Peoples - A crafty mom who loves pop culture and making fun things.....My "Peoples" can be used for cake toppers, game pieces, desk tchotchkes (who doesn't want to proudly display the Thundercats or cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on their desk at work?). 




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