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Halloween Comicfest 2016

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

A Halloween party at Packrat you won't soon forget!

We’re hosting a Halloween Comicfest on October 29 with our annual comics for canned goods food drive (free comics for non-perishable food items), comic creators, Haunted Hall of Justice, a costume contest along with your chance to win a few really cool prizes! Oh, and FREE COMIC BOOKS!

We're clearing out the cobwebs this month and need to clean out some of the comics in the basement so let's make you a deal. During our Halloween Comicfest enjoy the following:

**Fill a short box of comics from the dollar bins for only $50!**
**50% off all regular priced back issues in the basement**

Bring your comics checklist and a pen and get ready to fill those holes in your collection at rock bottom basement pricing!


Haunted Hall of Justice - All Day

Free Screen Printing on YOUR shirt - 11-3pm

Barrel Train Wagon Rides for Kids FREE - 11-3pm

Fresh FREE Popcorn - 11-3pm

Animation Workshop FREE - 11:30

Rocky & Bullwinkle Slenderman Show FREE- 12:30

Costume Contest - 1:30pm

Animation Workshop FREE - 2:00pm

We are pleased to announce that Essence Cartoon animation studio will be joining us for our Halloween Comicfest this year. They will also be hosting an animation workshop during the afternoon as well.

Wolfgan Parker of Crime Cats will be making his triumphant return bringing us more cat mysteries with lost Ohio history.

Welcome new creator, Adam Vogus to Packrat with his new all ages comic 'Scooper', the adventures of a huge spoon with giant problems!

Erik McAlister and his new comic 'Leash Baby Kung Fu' will be making his inaugural trip to Packrat for Halloween Comicfest.

Brass Ring Cosplay Photography will be taking professional photos of the event and cosplayers.  30 min photo sessions in the surrounding area can be scheduled or ordered day of the event.

Micah Cox Writer of Vigilance, Luke Herr Writer of Heroes International, Mike Watson Creator/Artist of Hotshot,Vigilance, Heroes International and Emerald Quest are joining Packrat from Legacy Rising publishing for our Halloween Comicfest.

Hey kids! Did you know we've got an art school that meets at Packrat Saturday's at 10am? Meet the Art Explorer Post teachers and students during Comicfest, ask questions and if it's a fit, register for classes.

Live entertainment will be provided by our local podcast friends with The Good, The Bad & The Geeky as they perform live a Rocky & Bullwinkle show and a GBG Show!

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