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Phillip Ruiz Memorial Tournament - April 20

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

Phil Ruiz had been coming to Packrat for as long as I can remember playing Magic, helping us out and embracing new players to make them feel welcome. Sadly, he suddenly passed away March 26 at only 19. Many of the players wanted to find a way to honor his spirit, kindness and light he brought to this world by hosting a memorial tournament to help raise additional funds to offset all of the unexpected expenses associated with burying a loved one.

While we are still working out the details for prizes, here's what we know so far:

Format: Standard
Fee: $30 (cash only)
Time: 10am


1st: War of the Sparks Booster Box (can pick up during Pre-Release weekend)
2nd: Sealed Draconic Domination 2017 Commander Deck
3nd: Rivals of Ixalan Booster Box
4th: Sealed Feline Ferocity 2017 Commander Deck
5th-8th: 9 Rivals of Ixalan Booster Packs each

Random drawings:

Elves vs. Inventors Duel Deck
Deck Boxes & playmats
For every 8 players that participate in the tournament, we will add a free entry to the War of the Sparks Pre-Release the following weekend.

We are putting together Phil's favorite standard deck, Esper Control, and that will for sure be one of the prizes. We will have it as complete as we can get it for this short time remaining.

We will be setting up a silent auction as well and will take card donations. All money raised will go directly to the family.

I hope you can come.

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