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Batman #392  Newsstand Edition - Packrat Comics

Batman #392 Newsstand Edition


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A NIGHT ON THE TOWNOn his usual night patrol, Batman comes across petty crooks and he gets the unexpected assistance from Catwoman against them. For this reason, they decide to spend a night together. While the two of them try to enjoy normal activities that couples would do, they are forced to fight crime on each occasion, ending the night capturing three drunks, one hitman, two muggers, three cokehead swingers and one armed robber for a total of ten criminals. However, there is something that keeps Catwoman concerned and that is the refusal from the Gotham City Police Department to accept her as the new vigilante in town. Knowing her concern, Batman comes up with a plan.  During the night, Commissioner Gordon endures hours of Harvey Bullock talking against Catwoman and how she is a menace to the city, but in his usual clumsy performance, Bullock destroys Gordon's office almost entirely. A few hours before dawn, Bullock leaves the GCPD Headquarters and Batman goes to Gordon's office with a surprise hanging outside the window. When Batman tells Gordon that he captured all those criminals with Catwoman's help, the lady enters the office with a couple of pizzas for them to enjoy. After they have devoured the pizzas, Catwoman asks if she is welcome as the new vigilante, to which Gordon replies that he was convinced much earlier by Harvey Bullock.

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