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Batman #397  Newsstand Edition - Packrat Comics

Batman #397 Newsstand Edition


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BINARY BRAINSOnce the Gotham City Police Department learns that Two-Face has escaped from Arkham Asylum, they start looking for the criminal and Commissioner Gordon summons Batman and Robin to attend the situation. Having spend many nights on patrol with Catwoman, Batman tells her to keep looking for connections to the False Face Society while he and Robin go looking for Two-Face.  In the morning, Bruce Wayne is summoned to the Wayne Foundation by Lucius Fox, who informs Bruce that the board of Wayne Enterprises wants him to run for mayor of Gotham City.  Later, Dent steals a bicameral computer system which will determine his upcoming criminal activities. Using the computers, Two-Face starts a new series of crimes and when he is challenged by Batman and Robin, he manages to get away thanks to a double getaway car which they used as a decoy to distract Batman. In the meantime, Catwoman has located Circe, the former model whose life was ruined by Black Mask and now works at a night club, waiting for her revenge. After the first successful crime, Two-Face learns about Circe and that she wants to form an alliance with him.

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