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Batman #513 - Packrat Comics

Batman #513


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PRODIGAL PART 5 - DOUBLE DEUCEBatman and Robin face Two-Face and try to stop him. They knock out almost all of Two-Face's men, but he outsmarts them and escapes the scene. Back at Wayne Manor, the duo keep the big house clean and tidy as Dick tells Tim about his failed encounter with Two-Face and the way he feels about having to stop him again.  Two-Face sets his plan on march and hacks into the digital files of every Blackgate inmate, setting them free or transferred to some other penitentiary. One bus loaded with inmates set out to other penitentiary but is hijacked by the violent inmates that outnumber the guards. The bus crashes against a movie theater. The most violent inmates take the only weapon available, a shotgun and threaten to shoot one person every ten minutes if the police don't let them free. Batman and Robin arrive just in time to stop them from killing a hostage. When they disable the most violent inmates, the GCPD enter the theater and take control of the situation.  In his hideout, Two-Face begins planning the second part of his plan; that consists mainly in killing Batman; something Tim and Dick deduce at the last minute.

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