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Batman #532  Special Glow in the Dark Cover - Packrat Comics

Batman #532 Special Glow in the Dark Cover


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THE DEADMAN CONNECTION PART 3 - THE SPIRIT THIEVESBatman contacts Alfred from the Peruvian forest and tells him to inform the Peruvian authorities about the mercenaries looting the Inca treasures. Alfred informs Batman that the man resonsible for the lootings is called Jackson Killeen.  Batman and Deadman approach a nearby cave and inside they find the priest Chimu. He tells them that they might need further guidance and so he shows them the way to the lost city of the Incas through a tunnel. At the end of it, they arrive at the city but they come across two more of Killeen's men. Chimu is gone and Batman and Deadman handle the situation and knock them out.  Batman goes to search for Chimu and the Incas and Deadman starts looking for the source of the ghost-like entities. Batman finds Chimu inside a tent with some of the Inca warriors that were tied up by Killeen's men. Batman frees them and asks them to help him against Killeen and they agree. Deadman finds that there is an Inca priest that is summoning the spirits of their ancestors to help them against Killeen. Deadman learns about the mummified bodies of the Incas' ancestors and convinces the priest to tell the spirits to possess their own mummified bodies and see for themselves what is happening in their sacred land.  Batman manages to destroy most of the mercenary's weapons and some of them start to follow him. Batman uses the bone flute that Chimu gave him. A flock of bats, disturbed by the shrilling sound attacks the mercenaries and Batman escapes to meet with Deadman. Deadman tells Batman to wait until the signal in order to attack with help of the Inca warriors and their mummies.  Killeen and his men are searching for the missing people and they head to two towers were they thought were hidden. When they arrive there they are received by a group of ancient mummies possessed by their own spirits and they run away in fear. That is the signal so Batman and the Inca warriors attack the mercenaries and ensure victory. Killeen almost escapes but Batman stops him. There is one of Killeen's men left and is ready to kill the Inca priest when Chimu throws the batarang that Batman gave him and knocks the man out.  Deadman and Batman leave and they agree that it is better that the lost city remains that way.

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