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CASE CLOSED GN VOL 79 (C: 0-1-2) - Packrat Comics

CASE CLOSED GN VOL 79 (C: 0-1-2)

Packrat Comics

  • 999


Final art may vary and will have trade dress (logos) unless stated in title that it will be a virgin cover.

The elusive jewel thief known as the Kaito Kid has eluded the law every can he nab a gem attached to the shell of a turtle in an aquarium? Conan wants to make sure that this time the Kaito Kid is all wet! Then Harley Hartwell investigates a string of suspicious suicides, believing them to be the work of a serial killer. But how could a man be murdered while alone in an elevator?
Then, when Conan and Harley investigate a supposed vampire cure, they find a case they can really sink their teeth into. Someone is eliminating a horror writer's family using methods straight out of a Dracula movie!
For older teen audiences.

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