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Rick And Morty Heart Of Rickness TPB (Mature)

Rick And Morty Heart Of Rickness TPB (Mature)


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The apocalypse is now for Rick Sanchez in this all-new adventure into Rick's own heart of darkness from Michael Moreci (Barbaric) and Priscilla Tramontano (Transformers)! What is the cost of cutting yourself off from the world? Rick, Summer, and Morty crash-land on a planet mysteriously devoid of technology and ruled by savage, furry loincloth-wearing versions of themselves. Are they just "techno-slaves," addicted to screens and comfort, or is something else at play in this brutal society? A mysterious wizard beyond the reaches of the forest holds the secret to why Savage Rick rejected his beloved tech. With that knowledge, can our Rick finally prove he's the Rickest Rick of all? Elsewhere, Beth and Jerry take a spa retreat that's suspiciously relaxing. Surely, you can't feel this good without someone paying the price . . .

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