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Essential Hulk TPB Volume 04


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Written by ROY THOMAS, GARY FRIEDRICH, LEN WEIN, GERRY CONWAY, CHRIS CLAREMONT, ARCHIE GOODWIN, STEVE GERBER & STEVE ENGLEHART Penciled by DICK AYERS & HERB TRIMPE Cover by HERB TRIMPE It's the original trial of the Incredible Hulk, but not even Doc Samson and Matt Murdock can get the Hulk free of charges...from the Rhino, the Abomination and the Bi-Beast! Foes from the sewers, the seas, the stars and a shrunken realm gone mad! And Betty Ross gives a new twist to becoming a Harpy after the wedding! Monsters, mindswaps and Niagara Falls! Plus: For the X-Fans, the birth of the Wendigo and the death of the Mimic! Collects INCREDIBLE HULK #143-170. 608 PGS./All Ages ..

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