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Subscription Service

Subscription Service

For Marysville

Print out the form and bring into the store.

For Hilliard Store

Tired of missing your favorite issue? Let us help you out with our subscription service. For the last several years we’ve been using an online service to help provide you with the most updated, timely and widest selection available. You can add titles anywhere, anytime and even on your mobile device! Follow our directions and you’ll be all set!

Keep in mind that while your subscription will be set up immediately, sometimes titles we don’t normally carry might not be in stock immediately as we order 2 months before most titles ship. But as long as it’s in stock with the distributor, we’ll get it in your pull. Otherwise, it could take an extra issue before it’s a regular title on our order.


1. Head on over to our handy dandy online service at  and click on the Sign Up option at the top of the page and sign up!

2. Check your email! In moments, you will receive an email to confirm your account. Click the link provided and confirm your account information.

3. Connect to our store! Head on over to our retailer page and hit the connect button.

Bamm-bickity! You’re all set up.


Now you just need to add your titles! You can use the search by title option or by publisher.

If you want to pull one issue and try out a new series, click the PULL button next to the title.


If you want us to set a copy aside for you every month, click the SUBSCRIBE button.

If you want annuals, variants or trades, click the edit button and you'll be set. Variants are not guaranteed as each publisher has different requirements for each book.

It’s that easy peasy lemon squeezy!

This service will:

Pull titles monthly so you don't miss an issue.

Help us order books for you. Since we order 2-3 months in advance, early subscription ensures enough books on hand to fill your order especially from those smaller publishers or a title from one of the big guys we may have overlooked.

Enable you to receive free bags and boards with each new comic purchased.

This service will not:

Pull back issue titles via the online service. We'll be glad to help find a book missed, but clicking pull on a previously released issue does not get it in your box.

Hold comics indefinitely since we purchase the books from the distributor the week they ship. You don't come in at least once a month, your books will not be waiting unless other arrangements have been made.

Create a subscription the week books are shipped.

Don't want to use our online service?

We understand that sometimes people don't like submitting information online, that's okay too.  If you do not want to use our online service, feel free to download this paper subscription form bring back on your next visit and we'll get you set up in store.

And remember, if you have any questions, let us know, we’d be glad to help you out.