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Sweet Christmas! Free Comic Book Day

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

How do we make celebrating free comic book day even sweeter? Add sugar? Nope. Sweet Potato casserole? Definitely not. Create a chocolate river? Sounds like a great idea, so maybe. Free comics for a year? Absolutely! You heard right. We're going to give away a free comic every week for a year to 10 lucky people. With every purchase you make on FCBD, you will be given an envelope and within each envelope you'll find sweet prizes, pins, trinkets, gift cards, coupons or a golden ticket! Track down Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas for even more sweet treats!

Still not sweet enough? We're gonna give you cavities with our costume contest. Not only can you enter to win our annual costume contest for gift cards to Packrat as your favorite character, now you can enter your pet for our cutest pet contest! Dress that dog up as the Hulk, your kitty as Batman, your squirrel as Captain America, or bring your gerbil without a costume! We want your pet to win!

Is this too sweet? We've figured a cheesy way to bring you down from the sugar coma with The Tasty Good food truck. Ever wonder how much macaroni and cheese you could eat in 5 minutes? Want to know if you could eat more than your neighbor? Ever want to watch people eat a truck ton of mac & cheese? Now's your chance. Emceed by Nick Nitro, from The Good, The Bad & The Geeky podcast, eat or watch your way through this five minutes of congealed fun!

Speaking of fun, the joust ring last year was so entertaining, we're bringing it back with a twist. Can you defeat the t-rex? That's right, t-rex in the joust ring. Close your eyes and visualize that for a minute. Terrifying, right? Humorous, absolutely!

Mark your calendars now, take a vacation day if you need to, Saturday May 6 at Packrat Comics will be the sweetest day of the year!

FREE COMICS? Yes, free comics. Each person may select up to 3 free comics from the selection of FCBD comics we purchased from the publishers. You will then be able to 'purchase' additional comics by donating non-perishable food items to our food drive. Thank you as always for your continued generosity!

Artist Alley:

Tom Williams
Dirk Manning
Basement Fodder Podcasters
Seth Lyons
Erik McAlister
Travis Perkins
The Tasty Good Food Truck
Molly Durst
Josua Alan Snyder Hill
Scott McMahon
Art Explorer Post
Aaron Birch
Heather Breckel
Rashid Hill
Michael Watson
Essence Cartoon
Kendall Halman
Paints & Peoples
Logan Carroll

Current Schedule of Events
Subject to Change
10am: Open
12pm: Mac & Cheese Eating Contest
12:30: The Good, The Bad & The Geeky Guardians of the Galaxy parody
1:30: Costume Contest
2pm: Manga Panel

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