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Halloween Comicfest Recap

Posted by Jamie Colegrove on

Halloween Comicfest Recap

Welcome to Packrat Comics Halloween Comicfest 2015! Table of Oddities thanks to Veronica Crawford. Check out her website at Inside the Haunted Halls of Justice! A room inside the Haunted Halls of Justice! Kiss Rocks! Costume contest sign ups! Hay! There’s a witch! Cosplay kids! Waiting for the last train to Clarksville. Boo’s back and not messing around Winner of Batman Adventures #12! Choo! Choo! At least they made it through the park alive! Fall fun with Embracing Autism! SO. MUCH. FOOD. OMNOMNOM Everyone likes free comics! Nothing spookier than the Haunted Hall of Justice! Arts & crafts with...

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