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OCEAN #1 (Of 6) - Packrat Comics

OCEAN #1 (Of 6)


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Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story
Cover by Michael Golden
   Warren Ellis returns with a universe-spanning science-fiction tale! The 6-issue miniseries OCEAN is a fast-paced science-fiction story with brains, attitude and style told by fan-favorite writer Warren Ellis (ORBITER, TRANSMETROPOLITAN) with stunning art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story (TOM STRONG) and covers by Michael Golden (STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES)!
    Beyond the inner planets lie the gaseous giants, Jupiter being the largest of all. Orbiting Jupiter is the moon Europa, a hard orb floating in frigid space. Lying beneath Europa's half mile thick mantle of shear ice is an ocean, the only one in the solar system that's not on Earth. And within those cold waters could rest the key to life on Earth - and quite possibly its extinction!
On sale Oct 20
  • 1 of 6
  • 32 pg, FC       Edited by Scott Dunbier

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