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Batman #529 - Packrat Comics

Batman #529


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CONTAGION PART 6 - TEARS OF BLOODRobin manages to get Stuart's blood sample to Batman so he can develop a vaccine from it's antibodies. To be sure of it's effectiveness Batman tells Harvey Bullock to ask Mr. Gunt if a vaccine can be made of the blood of a survivor of the plague. To Batman's dismay, the mutation speed of the virus prevents the blood of any survivor to create an cure.  Azrael takes Batman a second sample from the second survivor without knowing that it is futile. Nightwing joins Batman and Robin at the batcave. Batman sends the two of them to stop the riots that are happening at Babylon Towers's doors while he goes to find the only known person immune to any agent including virus: Poison Ivy.  Batman can't enter Babylon Towers without being infected so he requires Poison Ivy to deliver a potential immunity he developed from the blood samples to the people inside Babylon. He convinces Jeremiah Arkham to let her out of Arkham Asylum just once. Batman guides Ivy through Gotham City's sewers right below Babylon Towers. Ivy takes the immunity and enters Babylon Towers; but instead of giving the serum to the babylonians she starts an auction sale of the vial to the ten highest bidders.  Harvey Bullock gathers Bock and Montoya on James Gordon's house to ask him to lead them. Meanwhile outside Babylon, Nightwing and Robin do what they can to stop the maddenned crowd. One of the rioters spits in Robin's face; and just as they have their back against the wall, Huntress arrives to help them. The three of them hold them a bit longer but sooner than later they are again back against the wall. Suddenly the crowd disperses running away in fear; the reason is that they saw the menacing figure of Batman. With their only hope inside Babylon and in Gordon's actions; the Bat-family waits and does everything they can for as long as they can.

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