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Batman #531 A - Packrat Comics

Batman #531 A


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THE DEADMAN CONNECTION PART 2 - CULT OF THE MUMMYKilleen continues exploiting the Incas to do as he tells them to and threatens their lives if they disobey. Bruce Wayne asks Alfred to arrange an alibi for the travel he had in mind. Wayne is ready and set to go to Peru in search of those responsible for the Inca related crimes in Gotham City. While Alfred takes Bruce to the private plane, Bruce discusses some "ghosts" theories with Alfred. When they arrive at the plane, Deadman is already inside waiting for them using the deceased body he possessed previously.  Killeen plans to kill all the Incas once they have surrendered all their relics. Batman and Deadman arrive in Peru but they land in the middle of a forest. They follow a shrill sound that leads them to an old priest named Chimu. The old man is intrigued by the mysterious couple; a man dressed as a "demon" and a dead man. Batman tells Chimu that they are looking for the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu but they need a guide. Chimu offers to guide them and he takes them both to the ruins. Once they reach the ruins, Batman checks the map on the dead man's back and knows where they need to go. They bid farewell to Chimu and the old man gives Batman the bone flute he was using to create the shrilling sound. Chimu tells Batman that the sound of the flute is only heard by the bats. In return Batman gives him one of his batarangs.  Batman and Deadman continue their way through the forest when they run into some of the Inca's treasure looters. They engaged in combat and manage to knock out the looters. The rest of the gang is near and quickly goes to see what happened. Batman and Deadman cross a chasm and lose their pursuers. Batman know they are near the hidden Inca city and Deadman is sure there is some entity waiting for them there.

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