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Stealth Hammer is an all-ages comic that tells the story of Jami Taylor, a teenage college student, who finds herself part of a grand legacy of protectors in a world of high tech gadgetry and supernatural mythology. 

Ryan Drost - Creator and Writer of Stealth Hammer. Founding host of Star Joes Podcast where he has reviewed and discussed comics (along with other aspects of 1980s license properties) for the past 10 years. It's been a lifelong dream of his to create a comic world that people will enjoy...Stealth Hammer is that dream coming true with your help.

Jami Drost - A Graphic Designer of 20 years and the original Stealth Hammer, Jami worked with her husband, Ryan, to design the logo, title image, and promotional graphics for the comic. When she's not secretly being the hero that inspired this comic, Jami likes to work on word puzzles and find creative ways to bring joy to other people's lives. 

Joel Jackson - Comic Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Joel has longed to be part of an ongoing tale in a world of super science and sorcery like Stealth Hammer. Creative Director of "We're the Shazzbots" and founder of 2 Headed Monster Comics, Joel brings a detail and animated flair to the pages of Stealth Hammer. He also dreams to one day grow up to be He-Man...or a Transformer.

Alexandra Scott - A graduate from the Savannah College of Art & Design, Alexandra helped establish the look and feel of the main characters being used in Stealth Hammer. A huge fan of Steven Universe and other fun animation, her research and attention to detail proved invaluable in helping to build the basis for this world. 

Ross Hughes - Freelance Colorist, Ross has worked on numerous publications including Superman, Green Lantern, Justice League of America, Dr. Who, and The New Teen Titans. He brings a depth and life to the pages of Stealth Hammer that transports the reader into this new universe.

Evan Evans - Providing color assists, Evan is a freelance flatter with Hi-Fi Colour Design and has been a Graphic Designer for over 20 years. He has worked with Ross on numerous projects setting the stage in the coloring process. He loves martial arts, reading comics, and collecting slingshots. Without him, Stealth Hammer wouldn't have the detail and richness that you are seeing in the pages above. 

Laci Hart - Helping with the color assists, Laci is the daughter of Evan. She's learning the techniques involved in providing color layouts. Laci has already proven to be adept at this craft as she completed the work for a couple of the pages above. She has an interest in psychology and her dog is her best friend as they do everything together, something Stealth Hammer can relate to. 

Dave Sharpe - Letterer for the last few decades, Dave has provided his specialty for capturing the dynamics of dialogue and the impact of sound effects on the printed page for hundreds of titles for Marvel, DC, and Valiant to name just a few. He also is the bass guitarist for the rock and metal band Dead Cowboy. Dave will ensure you're hanging onto every word.

Comic comes in a Bad and Board
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