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Jennifer Blood Battle Diary #3 Cover A Linsner (Mature)

Jennifer Blood Battle Diary #3 Cover A Linsner (Mature)


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Back on the scene again after taking some time off to be dead, the unstop- pable killing machine known as JENNIFER BLOOD has found herself a whole new class of scumbags to target. But wait, what's she doing helping a vicious Nazi biker gang rob a bank? Has the world gone crazy? Or is this all part of Jennifer's master plan to take them down? In any case, there's definitely a whole lot of violence on the way! Court reporter FRED VAN LENTE (Marvel Zombies) and sketch artist ROBERT CAREY (The Outsiders) bring you the official transcript of the ensuing mayhem in Jennifer Blood: Battle Diary #3 - embellished with artfully arranged mugshots from CAREY, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, and LESLEY "LEIRIX" LI!